The Mischief Makers

The Mischief Makers ★★★★½

Delightful, playful, radiant, cheerful, playful. Truffaut's dynamic beginnings are also magnificent to watch, evoking nostalgia of an era long gone for the majority of us, easy to empathize with even if our childhood was different. An eloquent narration touches a taboo subject matter from the children's perspective, as if trying to get analytical through a grown-up mentality. Gorgeously framed, this is an interesting statement about reflecting on the past and the incapacity many of us had to differentiate between love and attraction.

Also, this short made me reflect on a specific thing: groups hunting down an older female was actually a collective attraction, but who would claim the "prize"? What if the unreachable could be reached one day? A paradox that our infant minds would not even dare to forecast previously unless that idealized situation comes to fruition.


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