Sans Soleil ★★★★★

My pal Hayao Yamaneko has found a solution: if the images of the present don't change, then change the images of the past.
He showed me the clashes of the sixties treated by his synthesizer: pictures that are less deceptive he says—with the conviction of a fanatic—than those you see on television. At least they proclaim themselves to be what they are: images, not the portable and compact form of an already inaccessible reality. Hayao calls his machine's world the 'zone,' an homage to Tarkovsky.

This movie IS the ZONE. Just as the kamikazes pilots ARE the PLANE.


So Vertigo entered the Sight and Sound list of best movies of all time in 1982.

This movie was made the same year. It includes a lovely reading of Vertigo that helps sustain the theories of time the film is presenting us.

Vertigo finally overtook Citizen Kane on 2012 as the number one movie on said list.

This movie just made the third place in Sight and Sound's first best documentary of all time list.

So I ask...what do you think?

Is Sans Soleil one of the main reasons of the growing wave of Vertigo's re-appreciation and it's following crowning as the best film of all time?


Does Sans Soleil earns a higher estimation because of it's inclusion of Vertigo?

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