Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★½

Find water and then go to higher ground... and don’t get naked!”

My attempt at a Haiku to sum up the movie:
Old man, skux boy, dogs
Surviving the crazy bush
Yea, shit just got real” 😂

One of the craziest most exaggerated chase scenes I have ever watched! SKUX LIFE!! Absolutely love it! 
This film was just what I needed today. As with all comedies I feel like you just need to watch it to experience it. There are some dramatic undertones, but the film never really lets you get to affected by them. It keeps the story moving and the comedy flowing.
All I can really say without giving too much away is in my haiku. Haha. Also, I will leave this here for you to think about:

1. Tupac, like my best friend
2. Majestical
3. No child left behind
4. Pervert 
5.“We’ll be famous”
6. The Terminator 
7. Pyscho Sam
8. Cauc-Asian 
9. Gangsta 
10.“Vegetables?...Not, no not Vegeta, No”

P.S. The soundtrack is pretty awesome too, definitely digging Moniker!!!

P.S.S. To many animals died so it could not be 5 stars, I would have rathered humans 🐾

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