Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

Here are some random thoughts™

· a movie that starts off with a beatles song and ends with a bowie song >>
But it's a movie about nazis and every song is in german <<
· This was actually a LOT of fun?? I didn't expect that??
· The comedic scenes were good. The dramatic scenes were good. BUT! They were good scenes on their own and didn't really work that well when they're put together. It felt pretty jarring, as if taika watiti all of a sudden forgot he was making a comedy. Again, I loved the dramatic scenes but they'd hit a lot heavier with some kind of set-up
· Sam Rockwell in that eyeliner tho..
+ Sam Rockwell and that 2 second scene with that guy where they just stare at each other tho-------
· Literally every single performance in this was amazing. The kid who played Jojo (I'm sorry I forgot his name smh) gives probably the best child performance of the last five years? Taika as Hitler (here's a sentence I never thought I'd say) was really good as well and Sam Rockwell man......... just- pure art.
Hell, I even loved Rebel Wilson in this!
· BUT with that being said I didn't really like ScarJo in this??? And I usually love Scarlett in everything she does. It just felt like she didn't bring anything new to her role and that scene where she plays the dad........... what the hell was that
· It's marketed as an anti-hate satire, and it is for the most part.. although near the end it just kind of forgot that.... nazis = bad??? Were they honestly expecting me to feel sad about nazis getting blown up?? Because I did! And that's kinda fucked up, don't ya think?
· Does it deserve 6 nominations? Yea, sure!
Did Scarlett deserve a nomination for this? Umm
Did they give her a nomination just because they wanted her to be the first actress in years to get nominated for both categories? Hmm
(I'm sorry Scarlett... let's just say you got a nom for marriage story and another one for under the skin)
· Does it deserve to be nominated for best picture? Sure! Why not? Green Book got nominated!!! And won!!! After this clusterfuck I don't really care for anything!
· I can't think of anything else to say right now.. it's funny, it's pretty sad at points and you should go see it! Why not?

This is a mess but oh well

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