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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    This was trying way too hard, to be both artsy and weird, but instead just read as uninteresting and far too long.

  • Mara


    Well, this was a disappointment.

    Also, beside all of the other flaws in this film, what is the moral here?
    That having a psychopathic lack of guilt for anything, whether it be your fault or not, is the way we should all live our lives?

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  • He's Out There

    He's Out There


    It makes me angry that I actually watched this whole film.

  • Burning Shadow

    Burning Shadow


    What was this? Are we supposed to root for the lead character who not only is an opportunistic creep but also a rapist? But oh I guess it's okay, because he claims to love and tries to befriend, then ultimately save his rape victim from a life of addiction? And other characters sexually abuse her too, so you know, what's one more incident? Like WTF, how misinformed and insensitive can a film be and still make it past all the…