Tenet ★★★½

I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback regarding the sound mix/sound design and I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt bc I downloaded this as a (((digital rip))) but yeah, it is absolutely fucking abysmal and I found this impossible to follow without the benefit of seeing the movie before and subtitles. Nolan really took the criticism to heart and came up with an unstoppable hour+ tidal wave of tortuous logistics in between some expensive cool looking setpieces plus we get the added benefit of the dialogue being inaudible. But I mean I love expensive cool looking setpieces. 

The first half of this is so confusing, almost hilariously so, distilling everything I dislike about Christopher Nolan to the point where I gave up on it 50 minutes in and let it linger for a couple of days before grabbing a sub file and starting over. Literally had no idea what the fuck was going on the first run through; eventually the puzzle box aspect of this became tolerable on second viewing but then I was also shocked at how into its machine-like, time-folding narrative I was (I mean like, these vague character sketches are constantly following through on trinkets of previously obtained information and I was pretty into all that). Surprised that even fans are kind of divided in this one as Tenet feels like Nolan in his ultimate form. 


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