Tenet ★★★½

Love watching this at home adjusting the volume everytime there’s an explosion or the music gets loud. People in the house who weren’t paying attention absolutely hated this. 

Gets way dumber on second viewing; the grand epic reveals that the movie spends its entire time building up to go over like a contrived wet fart, the narrative is much less compelling like seeing a magic trick performed a second time (with just about the same amount of emotional gravity lmao) and it’s breathlessly sequenced in the lamest way possible, this movie tries to be so clinical and cool it ends up being impenetrably frigid. You guys remember the rumors that this movie was about dudes traveling through time to prevent 9/11 tho? That probably would have been way cooler than anything here. 

At the same time though I still had quite a bit of fun with it; hilariously endless, nauseating exposition aside this feels like an emotionally distant Bond movie with people walking backwards.


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