Hereditary ★★★★

I’m chuckling and fucking nervous at same time right now because I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have a nightmare tonight (I easily get nightmares.. even sleep paralysis but pls don’t haha). 

Anyway, I felt so bad for Peter and his Dad the whole time. And also, I was perplexed thinking that it’s about matriarchy, only to find out that it isn’t, and it’s just about all these women, getting insane and bat-shit crazy whilst doing the job in finding the male host for this paimon, who I guess had rejected its first original female body??? Wait I gotta dig a little bit more on that..

There were no jump-scares or anything too clichè in a horror film, and the last 20 minutes of Hereditary was legit haunting!! I think the musical score, camera lightings and angles, and overall atmosphere were excellent!

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