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  • Mirai



    Hosoda's greatest hits - reflections on family and legacy, fathers and sons, time traveling teens, the stresses and joys of parenthood. They're all here wrapped in a very A Christmas Carol-like story. Arguably his weakest effort to date but enjoyable nonetheless. Hugely elevated by yet another beautiful score by Takagi Masakatsu.

  • Grass



    I wanna say that Hong does his best to explore the range and complexity of human emotions here but maybe that's giving this film too much credit. In all honesty, I think he just wanted to film something at his favourite cafe.

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  • The Beauty Inside

    The Beauty Inside


    I'm probably giving this film way too much credit but I found myself really enjoying this! The Beauty Inside takes its gimmick seriously which as a result turns it into a surprisingly solid romance. I needed this!

  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    The best blockbuster of 2016 isn't American; it's South Korean. A stressful and exhilarating ride. This country laughs at your attempts to create a zombie movie.