Freehold ★★★

An interesting, if not somewhat repetitive, exercise on British single-location paranoia and disgust.

Modern horror mainstay Javier Botet, this time sans-make-up, is hiding in the walls of shady real estate agent Hussein's London flat. When Hussein leaves for work, Botet comes out and begins to reap chaos over his life in increasingly more sinister and gross ways.

Freehold is a worthy watch, despite the repetitiveness it falls victim to. It has that british sense of humour, and proper genuine cringy moments, largely through spit and phlegm, which are probably my two least favourite things in the world.

As the motives start to become clear, and Botet becomes more and more sinister and reckless, Freehold drops us into an ending that seems slightly out of left field in its stages, but manages to dp a decent job.

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