Upgrade ★★★½

Who the fuck is Venom?

Upgrade is a stylishly futuristic internal-cyborg killing spree with a comic edge. Equal parts dystopia and faux-utopian dystopia as the machinery and AI controlled luxury is held in place by a seedy as fuck criminal underworld.

Grey is left quadraplegic and his wife murdered before him as he lies helpless. With the help of a billionaire tech mogul and his AI chip STEM, Grey is transformed out of his quadraplegic state and into an unstoppable force of murderous revenge at a whim. As the bodies of the wrongdoers pile up, Grey starts to lose control and a sinister plot begins to unravel.

I've wanted to watch Upgrade for so long. From what I'd heard I was expecting one long fast paced John Wick/Robocop fight scene that lasts an hour and a half. What I wasn't expecting was the vein of humour that ran through the whole thing, and the amount of backstory and world building we got.

I was actually a fan of the humour and the Venom-esque relationship between Grey and STEM, and I ended up glad it was there. I still wish the whole build up lasted 5 minutes and the rest of the runtime was just mindless revenge murder.

I still thoroughly enjoyed Upgrade though, with it's style, bravado and glorious down ending.

The performance from Logan Marshall-Green was perfect for the job. My girlfriend did say, however "he looks like that man who looks like Tom Hardy". I've still got no idea who she means but at the same time I know exactly what she's talking about, so he'll always be the bloke who looks like the bloke who looks like Tom Hardy to me now.

It's always great to see Firebirds in films too.

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