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  • The Menu

    The Menu


    In terms of anti-classism and anti-elitism movement in cinema in the year 2022, this makes for a great pairing with TRIANGLE OF SADNESS.

    I find both movies are similar in their delivery of repeatedly whacking you over the head with this message and theme, so much so that I feel the story and character arcs took a backseat. I do think that the majority of the world population - likely 99% - is on board to some degree with the…

  • Close



    A haunting coming-of-age piece about the essential tragedy in that society does not often realize the importance of close, intimate and/or platonic relationships beyond strictly sexual and/or heteroromantic ones, and the disregard or diminution of the emotions central to these connections. I know many proponents of this film will insist that it is a tragedy of one boy struggling with his sexual identity, but although that could be a huge influence on this drama here, it’s not the only element.…

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  • Saltburn



    Another edition of...

    Will You Like... SALTBURN?

    To find out, answer the following quiz questions, allot the question’s worth (in brackets) and tally your score at the end...

    Do you like...

    The Talented Mr. Ripley or Purple Noon (+5)
    Inventing the Abbotts (+3) but queerer (+1)
    Stoker (+3)
    Downton Abbey (+2)
    Cruel Intentions (+2) or Dangerous Liaisons (+2)
    The Riot Club (+2)

    And if you don't like, deduct:

    Barry Keoghan going full-frontal (-2)
    Barry Keoghan going full-out kinky freak (-2)…

  • The Creator

    The Creator


    Good in that it taps into the terrors and uncomfortable feels of the past century, bringing to mind Vietnam invasion, cold war and industrial revolution, with a world built on Blade Runner meets Kundun.

    Poor in that its predictable and formulaic plot doesn't have a single twist or turn, and that all of the character development and emotional stakes are predicated on the rushed intimacy of the first ten minutes and a fistful of flashbacks. A little mystery and a few surprises would have aided this piece tremendously.

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  • Cobweb




    Some great and terrfiying sequences towards the end with an ethereal stupor of atmosphere and chaos; the abrupt final resolution however wasn't nearly as satisfying as the rapid-fire ten or twenty minutes preceding it.

  • The Good Nurse

    The Good Nurse


    TIFF #31

    As a medical lab tech, I appreciate a nurse who knows their labwork.

    As a chemist, I appreciate a nurse who knows their drugs and chemicals.

    As a Forensic Files addict, I am wary of nurses who know their labwork and chemicals too well...

    This film felt like a crime procedural or true crime series with high level talent re-enactments. I love that stuff therefore I stayed interested throughout.

    Redmayne is perfect here - he reminds me of a few guys I know... Should I be worried?

    Based on a real life killer nurse.