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  • Bigger Than Life

    Bigger Than Life


    ed avery riding a manic episode after 5 cortisone pills: FUCK THEM KIDS

  • Parasite



    "I tried to express a sentiment specific to the Korean culture. All the responses from different audiences were pretty much the same. Essentially, we all live in the same country, called Capitalism." -Bong Joon-ho in an interview about the reception of Parasite

    "The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope." -Also Bong Joon-ho, probably, at some point

    (a fantastic allegory for how cyclical and generational poverty is. go see this before it leaves theaters.)

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  • The Stanford Prison Experiment

    The Stanford Prison Experiment


    christina: you're causing innocent teenage boys severe psychological damage

    phil: ugh 😒🙄 WOMEN 👩🏻👩🏻‍⚕️👧🏻 🚫 and their emotions 😫🔥😱🤧 it looks like 👀 someone 🙊👉 is on her period 🤢❌🆘😷 why can't you ☝️ be a REAL psychologist 👨🏻‍⚕️🏨💊 like me

  • Black Mirror: Arkangel

    Black Mirror: Arkangel


    who does coke at 15? the caucasity