The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ★★★★★

i just finished rereading the book for the twentieth time on the bus to the cinema. my friends and i couldn't stop talking about how excited we were. i remember the countdown on my phone that said 321 days, now it's 0. i have my braid, mockingjay pin and all my friends have too. we had tshirts made. it's the premiere. everyone there is there for this movie. the room is filled with voices talking about what they expect to see. i'm about the see the perfect adaptation of my favourite book of the series. i will cry the whole time. i'll whisper quietly to my self what should happen next. everyone reacts to everything with wholesome earnesty. i'll talk about how good it was the whole ride home. i'll go to school tomorrow. i'll set the countdown to next november. life is good.

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