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  • Ugetsu



    A gorgeous depiction of greed, war, and the suffering that these things bring. Set during a civil war in 16th century Japan, we follow the lives of peasants as they attempt to reverse their fortunes. Our protagonists are weak and desperate, but their anemic attempts at clawing their families out of poverty make them as much understandable everymen as they are gullible fools.

    We see human beings at their most depraved; bands of soldiers loot and rape villagers, men frantically…

  • The Big Sick

    The Big Sick


    A thesis statement in balancing tone, The Big Sick manages to bounce between abject tragedy and heartwarming comedy with ease. Although its narrative beats won't necessarily surprise you, its filled with spirited performances (why is Ray Romano so good in this movie?), and is genuinely hilarious. Additionally, it realizes the seemingly insurmountable gulf that can be caused by cultural differences. An emotional roller coaster that makes for an easy recommendation to any type of movie-goer.

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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    Get Out is an exceedingly tightly plotted horror-comedy that manages to simultaneously be a scary self-parody, and a poignant social commentary.

    One of the most commendable attributes of Get Out is its meticulously crafted screenplay. Every line has purpose, whether that purpose is foreshadowing future events, a double meaning that can only be understood once the full picture is clear, or framing the characters. All of the film’s twists are hidden in plain sight, disguised in double entendres and visual…

  • John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick: Chapter 2


    What a wonderful cacophony of violence.

    The first John Wick movie was a great surprise, a tightly knit series of gunfights and well-choreographed action. It took small jabs at the standard revenge premise, while simultaneously imbuing the mayhem with emotional heft.

    However, that was only the beginning for Chad Stahelski and friends, and in John Wick Chapter Two they somehow managed to one-up the original with a series of absurdly cool action vignettes tied together by captivating world building.