Joe the King ★★★

This was a pretty good movie about a poor boy who makes all the wrong choices, but for all the right reasons. His father is abusive, but what I loved about this movie is that it showed that the father still loved him even though he was quite mean and occasionally physical towards Joe. And in spite of all he does, Joe still loved the father.
The father was played by Val Kilmer, and this is honestly one of very few roles I actually enjoyed him in. Kilmer really poured his soul into this role and it shows. In lesser hands, he would have just been the one-dimensional asshole father. I also enjoyed seeing Karen Young as his mother. I really wish she was in more roles as I am always pulled into her characters. I think it's her face, she seems like a real person with a touch of sadness in her eyes that leaves the audience really believing that she is that character, not just an actress. Ethan Hawke was also in this, but he was wasted on his role which didn't allow him to show off his acting chops.
There's nothing really new or groundbreaking with this movie, but it was entertaining and well worth a watch.