Paper Man ★★★½

This has all the makings of an indie film. It's got Jeff Daniels, it's got a Culkin, it's got a quirky lead character with an overactive imagination; it's got a platonic relationship with a younger female character, and to top it off, the main character is a writer. I guess sometimes indie films are just a sum of their parts. That's not necessarily bad here.
Jeff Daniels was great as usual. Emma Stone doesn't normally do anything for me, but I really enjoyed her here. She has the range to be a dumb high school kid, but also adds some depth to her. Stone's eyes speak volumes and I can see in this film why she gets so many roles. I'm usually on the fence with Ryan Reynolds, but he was good here too. Watching this gave me hopes that he really could pull off a solo Deadpool movie. He was able to pull off the cheesy character he did very well.
Overall there's nothing really new here, but it's still quite an enjoyable movie and I would definitely recommend it.