Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★

I'll be honest, I went on YouTube and simply started the film without the intention of finishing it. I thought that I should watch a couple of minutes of it, and see if I would end up wanting to finish it later on.

And then an hour passed..

then two hours...

And then I knew I was completely hooked with what I was watching.

Not only that, but this film is an absolute achievement in storytelling, breaking the conventions of what cinema is and creating a unique filmmaking presentation of its own. It's genius!

A bit of a disclaimer though, while I understand some of the themes and ideas the film was going for, I'm sure I didn't get every single little thing with it being my first watch; especially given that it is quite a dense film at that. That being said, I'm open to any particular ideas others may have gotten from it, and I'm excited to revisit it in the future.

Okay. So...

It's fascinating seeing a portrayal of several values that we experience throughout our lives, such as love, and spiritual devotion. Both meshed together within this film with the upmost understanding of how they would contribute to our interactions with one another, and the world around us. It is quite a stylized version of it, but still, what matters is its resonance to me as the audience. While some of the initial religious ideas started to feel like a catalyst for the rest of the story, it didn't hinder the overall experience, given that it's essentially reincorporated throughout the rest of the film, regardless of how crazy it may get.

I keep going back to that idea of the film being a complete achievement. Because it could've easily have been a cheap and uninteresting story altogether, especially given its 4-hour run time. However, it isn't just engaging from beginning to end given the overall delivery of the themes I mentioned before; plus others that I'll be sure to see during future revisits, it's also a film that has fun presenting itself.

I don't want to write much more because I got things to do, and I'm sure that if I keep on writing, I'll just be sitting here thinking and thinking on what to write next given that there's so much to chew on with a film like this.

So, I'll leave it at that.

A miracle of a film. Absolutely wonderful throughout.

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