Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★½

Spent the night interrogating my intense dislike for this! Slept on it. Woke up this morning and liked it even less. Easily one of my most endlessly frustrating watches of recent memory. Definitely a VERY subjective watch from person-to-person, but I think this is a great film to talk about the way we deliver our messages in media, and how thin that message can become if it isn't delivered right. (not talk on letterboxd tho hee hee some discourse is best left for human people). I don't think you can make a movie like this and put it in this package and tell me it's 'real' or 'true,' regardless of intention. That is just my perspective.

A part of me wants to at least credit this for the effort, or say something to the effect of 'at least we have this movie now' but I don't think I feel that way at all. I'm lucky enough to live in a world of cinema where I know:

we    can    do    better.

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