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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Not gonna lie, I saw this twice. Even though it was just an “okay” film it’s still an entertaining one to watch with a bunch of friends who love whodunnit mysteries. 
    I thought the acting of almost every character was subpar, the script had humor that added a little zing to the story, the camerawork was spectacular, but overall it’s a film that’s neither bad or good. 

    I thought it had the potential to beat The Murder on the Orient…

  • Queen & Slim

    Queen & Slim


    Queen and Slim started out with a BANG! and ended with a tragic mess. Mitsoukas' directorial style was appealing. She was well aware of what she's doing  stylistically, which I think gave the film the buzz that it deserved.

    The camerawork, soundtrack, and acting really strengthened the film's core. But these elements weren't enough to overcome the tragic mess in the writing. The second half of the film dragged down everything, quickly disrupting the brilliance of the first half and…

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  • 1917



    After ignoring the hype for a good week, I finally gave up and watched 1917, and I could definitely say that this film lives up to its buzz. Sam Mendes delivered one of the best one-shot films of all time, possibly replacing Birdman but that's a whole other argument. 

    From Thomas Newman's visceral soundtrack and Roger Deakins' superlative cinematography, every element tied in together to create an immersive masterpiece that puts you in the middle of World War 1. 

    Although it's a technical…

  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    Frances Ha is a timeless masterpiece directed by Baumbach. A classic film that sparked the film industry about the beauty of the mumblecore genre. This is the film that made Gerwig the face of the Mumblecore Movement.

    The overwhelming simplicity of this film is truly compelling. With Gerwig's amazing performance, she brought Frances Ha to new places (literally and figuratively) I never thought I'd be interested to partake in. The banality of the dialogues are, to some extent, what made the film evoking. 

    Each scene naturally occured, each line was closely said in truth, and each character felt like home. 

    A cinematic masterpiece.