Marriage Story ★★★

Although this may be one of Baumbach's greatest films, it is definitely not living the hype as one of the best films of all time. Johanssen and Driver executed their roles on a spectacular note that most of the acting seemed improv. But knowing that Baumbach drives inspiration from mumblecore films with his dans le vrai screenwriting, it didn't surprise me anyhow that this film will be praised for the acting, especially with two great actors. 

Overall, an interesting film that portrays the real hardships of a couple going through divorce. The story was definitely there, yet the characters weren't as interesting enough to connect with. It holds you in the beginning, loses you for a big chunk in the middle, then swoops you with tears for the ending to save you from falling asleep.

As the title implies that it's a story about their marriage, I was expecting to see the general "highs and the lows" love story, but I think it mostly just showed the bad parts of it. Completely lacking with the highs of the relationship, in which he hid through quick cheesy montage scenes, Baumbach placed it only on the beginning and ending of the film hiding as a "note" that the couple wrote for each other.

Therefore, I think it should be called A Divorce Story instead since it focused on it 90% of the time.