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  • A Florida Melancholy

    A Florida Melancholy

    A Florida Melancholy is my forthcoming, 2019 feature film. It is already completed, clocking in at 95 minutes, but will remain private for now while I attempt to get it into a few festivals. Production of this film was an important process for me, because it is the first feature film that I've exclusively directed, produced, shot, edited & composed on my own since the creation of The Passing of a Psychopath, back in 2017. It was also a significant experience…

  • Eye


    To any & all filmmakers out there,

    My pal Jordan Mumford and I opened up submissions for our film festival, The Hazel Eye Film Festival. This year (2019), the festival will be online because we are a small, DIY festival without the funds to secure a public screening venue, though we're hoping to acquire a venue even by next year, as we continue to grow. The goal of the festival is simply to exhibit and promote the work of quality,…

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  • Hyperlinks or It Didn't Happen

    Hyperlinks or It Didn't Happen


    Contains what is likely the best 'internal dialogue' of the
    last four years, next to The House That Jack Built, of course.

  • Fahrenheit 11/9

    Fahrenheit 11/9


    Moore's masterwork, for me; I was sickened until I was crying until I had chills, all over my body, until I was scared witless.

    Not that I wasn't already disgusted and dejected and terrified by the notions that Michael presents & explores herein, but he constructs them in such an expert, epiphanic fashion.

    One can't help but feel an abrupt, and innately human need to continue to work harder than even before.

    It's the kind of cinema with the capacity to advance one's acute awareness (of the ever-growing complexities) of what we refer to as reality & truth.

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    A film made the way in which cinema is meant to be seen: so that the asshole sitting next to you, scarfing down popcorn like a rabid squirrel, actually feels like an asshole, in addition to merely being one.

  • Enter the Void

    Enter the Void


    A very light romantic comedy.
    Good for a first date.