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  • Static After Summer

    Static After Summer

    I'm deeply pleased to announce that Static After Summer has been added to the Festival Scope Pro database, and can now be watched by anyone with an account who chooses to request the film (I will accept all requests). Also, if anyone is interested in seeing the film, I'd be honored to provide a private google drive link, although the film is a sequel to A Florida Melancholy (also currently available to view in the Festival Scope Pro, Scope Expanded…

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    It will mystify me, ‘till the very end, how certain pieces of art can reach people at such specifically significant times, as if spun down from the sky manually, and at a predetermined moment, by the threads of fate. How much hyperbole can one man use? Except, sadly — deeply, deeply unfortunately — these words may be the least hyperbolic I ever type. I mean every word of this diary entry with the utmost earnestness.

    It took each last ounce…

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  • moon blink

    moon blink


    When I experienced moon blink for
    the first time on festival scope pro,
    three and a half years ago, I had no
    idea that Rainer Kohlberger would,
    in time, become one of my favorite
    filmmakers in the world; I probably
    should have anticipated it though,
    'cause this thing's a fuckin' monster.

  • VFW



    Good to know that Steve
    Moore is still continuing to
    prove he’s one of the greatest
    musicians to ever fucking live.

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    A film made the way in which cinema is meant to be seen: so that the asshole sitting next to you, scarfing down popcorn like a rabid squirrel, actually feels like an asshole, in addition to merely being one.

  • Enter the Void

    Enter the Void


    A very light romantic comedy.
    Good for a first date.