A Hole in My Heart ★★★★½

Hoop-Tober, Film 23 of 31:

Certainly not a misfire from Moodysson, as has been stated... in truth, this is probably one of the most significant films of 2004. A bleak and unflinching commentary on a variety of sensitive subject matters: the pornography industry & portrayal/objectification of women in the media, glorification of violence, contemporary society's transformation of the human body into a commodity, the influence of early tragedy or abuse on the remainder of people's lives, the impact of the media on the path of individual's life & the shallowness which they may come to view as important. Moodysson is forcing a genuinely unenjoyable experience upon people, like myself, who enjoy viewing horror in media. Many horror films are crafted with a goal of entertainment in mind - to create a faux feeling of fear with the hope of producing amusement and, in a sense, pleasure - whereas this film creates genuine horror, a replication of reality at its most extreme. One of the most irate and desperately lonely films I have ever seen; an intentionally repulsive and saddening experience that I will not soon forget. An authentic work of art.

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