A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★

Hoop-Tober, Film 12 of 31:

Any horror movie in which the black character isn't the first one to die gets a thumbs up from me, at least in that respect, haha. Also, any horror movie that reaches its climax with the surviving characters having to enter somewhere through a sketchy ass door is always a plus... ;D this Hoop-Tober review isn't going be very long because it's almost five in the morning and I need to get some rest, but I do want to say that this is the best experience that I've had yet with a Nightmare on Elm Street film. Dream Warriors is seriously awesome. The direction is really solid here; a lot of thought went into creative execution of the ideas written into the script... this film has got some of the best practical effects of the 1980s next to Hellraiser, including puppetry and stop-motion animation, making for some pretty incredible kill scenes.

As soon as I got to this point in the film, I had decided that I was watching a very innovative horror movie:


And the set design is also outstanding:

You wouldn't think, with the amount of time and energy that went into the crafting of this film, that it's the third installation in a series of horror films, which might be why it's a bit overlooked. I haven't seen New Nightmare yet, which I've heard rivals this one for the top spot in the series, but it's going to be hard to overshadow Dream Warriors. It's not a particularly scary film, but I highly recommend it to fans of fantasy-like horror and amazing special effects.

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