Accepted ★★★½

"I don't wanna be here alone
when the walls start to bleed";

"you know a lot of people say that college is a time when young men and women expand the way that they look at their world when they open their mind to new ideas and experiences and when they begin that long journey form the innocence of Youth, to the responsibilities of Adulthood... now isn't that a load of horse shit! AHAHAHAHA!";

"are you experimenting with alcohol!?";

"I got 85 pork tenderloins with balsamic vinegar demiglaze. ka-blam! Eddie, we gotta pack these paninis for Rory's nature walk. pronto! and someone get a rabbi down here to bless this chicken. tomorrow we're gonna go kosher";

"there are a lot of things in my life that I thought were real and ended up being fake. why can't the opposite be true?"