Annihilation ★★★★★

the visual language of this film is off the fucking charts; these, these are the sort of cinematic outputs that I exist for, and I'm so glad that no one in my theater -- the finest theatrical experience that I've had since The Tree of Life -- was sitting somewhat close to me, because I was borderline bawling, as quietly as possible, throughout the entire thing this time around. SHAME on Paramount for not allowing the world to share this, theatrically -- one of the greatest distribution tragedies of all-time -- and, as for the film itself, I could use a descriptor just as intense as "all-time," but I believe that I already made my thoughts [which probably seem hyperbolic to some (as I so often can be), but are very, very real to me] clear in my first log. this was my fourth time watching Annihilation in a single twenty-four hour cycle... no movie has induced that level of fascination in me since Under the Skin, back in 2014.

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