Anomalisa ★★★★★

First, a link to my most recent "analysis" of the film:

"Sometimes, there's no lesson.
That's a lesson in itself."

Enigmatic, extraordinarily minimalist & confined, yet broad in scope, existing in an alien, yet somehow- common location, a place both claustrophobic and infinite in its span.

Indeed, it is a film both colossally complex and at the same time minuscule... very, very minuscule; contained, restrained, the environment/edifice itself being the third primary character, the fish tank containing the pair of souls.

The screenplay is what perfects the sporadically shifting tone. The characters: idiosyncratic, flawed, likable and sometimes unlikable (but always in an enormously human way).

Above all else though, this was, for me, terrifying.
A dark comedy of the blackest sort, to the point
of provoking a greater multitude of emotions from me
than most films have ever been able to produce
(in its swift and concise 85 minute runtime).

Right up there with:
End of Evangelion,
It's Such a Beautiful Day,

and Angel's Egg.

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