Comet ★★★★

"Everything is tragic
It all just falls apart
But when I look into your eyes
It pieces up my heart

"If I only had an answer
To put it all to bed
I wish sometimes I could take back
Every word I've said

"I walk back in the night alone
Got caught up in my song
Forgot where I was sleeping
None of the lights were on
I heard my mother thinking
me right back into my birth
I laughed so loud inside
myself it all began to hurt

"So I turned on a picture show
I disappeared the lines
As memories came flooding in
The tears blew out my eyes

"I see an elevator
A moment I am above
I look for you or someone
Who can still remind me of
The tight grip and the sun lick
And the calm way of all things summer
When it's all here
And it's all new
And you're not hungover

"Fierce and light and young
Fierce and light and young
When you don't know that you're wrong
Or just how wrong you are

"My feet are always heavy
As I inch toward the door
I thought we'd leave this for
ourselves a hundred times before
But I guess we're always leaving
even when we look the same
And it eases me somehow to
know that even this will change

"If you've still got some light
in you then go before it's gone
Burn your fire for no witness,
it's the only way it's done

"Fierce and light and young
Fierce and light and young
Hit the ground and run
Hit the ground and run"