Dance of the Dead

Dance of the Dead ★★★★

Hoop-Tober 2.0, Film 31 of 31:

"Is it obscene, or is it science?
Poetry, or pornography?
You'll have to be the judge."

Maybe the best entry into the Masters of Horror series that I've seen yet (no surprise - considering the director at the helm), and this has gotta be Hooper's most metal film. If you've ever wanted to see Tobe direct a dystopian-undead flick (with impressive but potentially seizure inducing rapid-fire editing), look no further. I'd argue that the primary thematic focus of Dance of the Dead is society's obsession with the exploitation of some of the ugliest aspects of human nature; for that reason, it's less of an exploitation film and more of a film focused on the subject matter of cultural exploitation and exhibitionism (as well as humanity's chemical and economic dependence on the promotion and consumption of destructive substances).

Well worth an hour of your time.

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