Eden ★★★½

The third film that I've seen at NYFF in need of a more concise editor, though I can see how, if this film was based on the experiences of one of the co-writers, it could have been difficult for Sven and Mia to decide what they may have wanted to cut. The first thing that you'll probably notice about Eden is its strong visual style, from the colorful cinematography (which does start to dim alongside the lifestyles of the characters as the movie progresses) to the beautifully stylized text used to structure the film into segments. I think that the visuals were probably my favorite aspect of the film... the acting wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything special either. The script is damn good, with some really funny jokes that contrast certain moments of genuine melancholy - just like the tracks used in the film, a balance of elation and sorrow.

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