Glass ★★★★★

M. Night Shyamalan's Fire Walk with Me -- an empathic examination of trauma and not only the consequences that come with said trauma, but also the lives being shifted, the existences being affected; the shards falling into place, amongst chaos, and shattering spectacularly, whilst elsewhere a genesis is materializing and the emergence of adjacent hopes & prospects finally become visible. Injuries do happen, damages occur, but wrestling with the darkness in order to fight, to stay in the light, is how wounds heal -- how our power to heal our wounds is what makes us, the broken, constantly eclipse human ability. We fight, because we will never fail to remember the stories of people cut short of their time, robbed of their being; forced to hide from the light, until it is no more, due to the abuse which concealed us & tucked us away before we were able to flourish. Before we were able to show the prosperity which we were beyond capable of achieving... <3