Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

I don't even know what to say. I'm aware that I often resort to hyperbole but I truly don't think that a film has ever left me in such a state of anxiety-induced awe. I'm so fucking stressed and my arms and legs are shaking but I rarely have such a visceral reaction to films, even when I have a strong emotional reaction. A few things though: 1) Robert Pattinson gives the finest performance of Cannes '17 with no other performance that I've seen even coming close; 2) Oneohtrix Point Never's seemingly Sorcerer-inspired score is, ironically, probably my favorite electronic OST (and thus, my favorite OST, haha) since Tangerine Dream's '70s and '80s outputs; 3) the Safdie brothers' utilization of Sean Price Williams' intense cinematographic form is brilliant, and only brought to new heights by the experimental structure of their editing style; and 4) Good Time is a crime film on the surface but, once you peel away the layers, it's really the story of one brother's innocence being taken advantage of by the other's, under the influence of a materialistic/capitalistic society in which currency is unfortunately, at least in the case of this antihero, seen as the only way for the financially challenged to exploit and manipulate their way into a life of familial peace. The final scene is heartbreaking.

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