Ida ★★★★½

I mean, My Summer of Love was very, very solid, but... what the hell, Pawel Pawlikowski? Where did this come from!? A seriously astonishing work of beauty from a filmmaker that just jumped from being good to being great, at least in my book. The perfect framing of each wonderfully crafted scene; the fascinating dynamic between the two protagonists; everything. Everything about this movie was just gorgeous, and the third act was particularly astonishing. Almost reminded me a bit of Bergman at times, which I don't mean as anything but an enormous compliment. Ida slowly absorbs you with its spell until you don't even realize that it has stolen you completely away from reality and into its bleak, dichotomous world. I wish I had caught this one in the theater (and I envy all of you that did). Would have been nothing short of remarkable. Scratch that, even watching it on DVD was remarkable.

Oh yeah, and that shot of her spinning in the curtain - a little nod to Terrence Malick? Or Lynne Ramsay, perhaps? You really know how to earn bonus points with me... don't ya, Pawel!?

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