Satantango ★★★★★

Cinema undiluted, yet clouded; quintessential, yet corrupted; lucid, yet vague; high-minded, yet smothered in dirty shapes, postured to perfection. Designed to transport, to form a familiar, albeit foreign environment for its viewers through patient, sincere and expressive manipulation of audiovisual details, resulting in a pure-form, sensory-cinema experience. Indeed, Satantango is meticulously crafted to shift its viewers from their (position in a chair, or) place in reality, into the gut of a nonentity-like vehicle, slowly drifting, but at the same time quickly catapulting through the process of a bleak, syncopated, rhythmic flit with the dark heart of a total eclipse. In essence, caliginosity and crepuscule as an unfathomable, esoteric and profoundly inexplicable display of medium-mastery. And, in the end, one of the human race's single greatest accomplishments, both inside and outside the field of artistic creation.

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