The Duke of Burgundy

The Duke of Burgundy ★★★★½

This movie is unbelievable. It unfolds like you're staring at an image of a mirror within a mirror; as you approach the center, what you next see is the same as what you last saw, only slightly altered, slightly disturbed - until eventually the image is completely obscured and you're no longer sure of what you're seeing at all.

It's all in the execution. The story itself is rather simple, but Strickland has positioned a very real and very vivid world of an intimate relationship within an utterly surreal, male-absent landscape of moths, bubbles, butterflies and a sea of reflections. The autumn flavored B-roll is simply gorgeous, I wouldn't change a single thing about the score, and it's even quite funny at times.

I don't want to get into talking about the influences because this is another one of the recent films that's been derivative in the best way, combining just enough wonderfully constructed homage with pure originality to create something immensely unique, enjoyable and re-watchable.

Strickland is rapidly improving.

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