The Odyssey

The Odyssey ★★★★½

highkey very, very okay with these recent visual albums' aesthetics being so heavily influenced by the audiovisual style of Malick/Lubezki collaborations in this post-modern era because wowowwowww, the fluidity of the sonic-visual characteristics of both this and Lemonade, while (effectively and not overwhelmingly) derivative, are utterly fucking gorgeous. that St. Jude sequence, in particular (for me, the most moving song on the album), sent me on a fleeting voyage to what felt like the spirit realm or some place otherworldly for a few minutes there. thoroughly blown away; easily one of the best films of 2016.

"you think you have lost your faith, but you have not. you have only misplaced your faith, and you can find it where it lies down, deep in your soul. and the way to do that is through the simple process of love. love yourself. forgive yourself. you can't love and forgive other people if you don't, first of all, love and forgive yourself. you have to realize that people are fallible beings. they make mistakes. they have to be excused from these mistakes, and allowed to continue on in their quest for a better life and for goodness. so love yourself, and then love other people. please forgive yourselves. go on a journey of finding love and forgiveness..."

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