Tusk ★★★★½

Hoop-Tober, Film 1 of 31:

Wow, I'm really, REALLY surprised to see all of the low-star reviews for this film on Letterboxd. It's probably one of the most confused and disappointed I've ever been in terms of having read some of the negative things written about this film. Tusk is a comedy... sure, it's a creepy comedy and it's incredibly disturbing (in more of a strange way than a purely disturbing sort of way), but it's waaay more comedic than it is horrifying. And that's exactly what I was expecting because it was apparent from the trailer. Yet I'm sort of frustrated with myself for even attempting to categorize this film, because its uncategorizable (that might not be a word, haha). Body horror? Horror comedy? Who cares... you know what it is? It's ORIGINAL! It's amazingly, brilliantly unique. I laughed from start to finish; I laughed before the film took its drastic turn about half-way though, and I laughed after (when it became infinitely more sinister). Sure, I'm willing to admit that the ending felt a bit rushed, but with a film that took itself as not-seriously as this one (really throwing in the made up words today), I didn't seem to mind the pacing issues. This film's job was to make me laugh, to make whisper "what the fuck" to myself at least a dozen times, and at that, it succeeded. It succeeded greatly. I think that this movie is destined to be a cult classic, and it might possibly even be my favorite Kevin Smith film. I had a great time with it, and I'm fairly certain that if you're willing to go full walrus, you will too.

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