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  • VFW



    Good to know that Steve
    Moore is still continuing to
    prove he’s one of the greatest
    musicians to ever fucking live.

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    To some, for better
    & to some for worse,
    but nobody has ever,
    or will ever, make a film
    remotely similar to this.

  • Still Processing

    Still Processing


    All I'll say is that I felt the extreme urge to pause on multiple occasions due to how emotionally enormous, and overwhelmingly devastating this film is; it's cinema as therapy, cinema as an attempt to find catharsis somewhere in the mystification of death & grief. One of those films which is so personal that you almost want to refer to it as something else. An epitaph, maybe. Possibly a love letter -- certainly brimming with love. It takes a ton of…

  • Parasite



    uncut gems

  • The Halt

    The Halt


    I read this a bit differently than most, it seems, as I find it to be possibly Diaz's darkest film yet, not that he hasn't (inherently) treaded bleak territory his complete career: the destruction of dictatorship portrayed as an almost non-event, leaving the populace in a state just as adrift and disoriented as they were under the forces of authoritarianism. Can a whole society regain its personal freedom once it has been stripped from them? What widespread trauma might be…

  • Delphi Falls

    Delphi Falls


    Mary Helena Clark is only getting better;
    it's wonderful to watch a genius at work.

  • Parasite



    celebratory bong hits worldwide

  • VHYes



    Fills (temporarily, at least) the space in my heart which was left empty with the conclusion of PFFR's Wonder Showzen, and certainly the best media of its "sort" since Derrick Beckles' two-season show, Hot Package.

    Jack Henry Robbins gives me hope for the future of Adult-Swim-esque (for lack of a better phrase) absurdist comedy/critique. Brilliant pastiche; very much my shit.

    Also contains an astonishing Weyes Blood performance, for fellow fans of Natalie Mering's genius. Can't wait for Oscilloscope to release this so that I can re-watch it obsessively, at least until the commentary starts to smack me into an uncomfortable stupor.

  • Eli



    This rating is, believe it or not, unbiased;
    the short film is simply spectacular is all.
    Nate Milton has a big future ahead of him.
    Also (for anyone who's seen/who sees this),
    I watched it with the first ear infection in my
    entire life -- how fucking fortuitous is that?

  • Cedar Rapids

    Cedar Rapids


    “I’m having a perfect moment.”

  • Look Then Below

    Look Then Below


    Ben Rivers' most marvelous film
    since I Know Where I'm Going (2009).
    Possibly a subsequent masterwork;
    I may very well be underrating it...
    envious of everyone at Rotterdam.

  • Max Richter's Sleep

    Max Richter's Sleep


    So stoked that this was added
    to Festival Scope Pro, seeing as
    I sort of doubt that anything else
    playing at Sundance is superior
    (keep in mind Wendy is playing
    at Sundance and Beasts of the
    Southern Wild
    's in my top ten).
    Also biased toward this, though,
    because Sleep very well might be
    my favorite album of the century.