Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★½

so... i'm assuming that harrison ford gets a different love interests in every indiana jones film? cause i was looking for marion throughout the film and she was nowhere to be found (edit: i was just informed that this film is a prequel and i did not know that). i did enjoy this film a little bit like i found some things that i was looking for in the first film which was indiana jones having a hard time getting the thing he was looking for but as for this film it was not exciting for me as like the first film for some reason i don't know why tho so i might give it a rewatch sooner or later. i get that indiana jones has a fear of snakes but girl snakes was everywhere in this like im guessing they are gonna have an appearance throughout the whole franchise? lol im scared of them too also also i can't help but notice the sleeve being rip off on jones's clothes in the bridge scene like that was so hot lmaoooooo. oh god i'm so gay for harrison ford fuck.

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