The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

“I like when she puts her tongue inside me.” 

All About Eve but make it lesbians. 

Olivia Coleman is phenomenal. Rachel Weisz really is THAT bitch. Emma Stone had me dying.  Nicholas Hoult (my son), gave the best performance of his career and we need to hype him up more. He needs a supporting actor nom. I loved Joe Alwyn and now I know how to picture him when I listen to “So it goes” and “Dress” by Taylor Swift. (I’m so sorry for that one). The forest scene with Stone and Alwyn is one of my favorites. I love how female driven the film is. It’s sexual and witty, a much more amusing take on the usual dull British period piece. I’ll definitely try to see this in theaters again, mainly to count how many times the word cunt is said.

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