The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain ★★★½

"Call it fate, call it love, all I knew was, I was meant to be his dog."

Ok. Where to start? My main problem is that I refuse to watch films that involve animals because I tend to cry a lot with them.

Then, it was the first movie I ever watch of Milo Ventimiglia and I actually liked it! He knows how to act, I mean, the whole cast was fine, quite frankly.
However, the main story was not very original. The idea of showing the life of Enzo is a lot like other films of this genre. In addition, the ending was obvious (Honestly I cried a lot with the final scenes, even when I knew what was going to happen, I couldn't stop sobbing. Bare in mind that I never cry).

Despite the downsides, this film shows different ways to love and to be loved, the characters have their own thing that makes them special and all of them is there for a reason. It teaches that the most beautiful feeling may be to appreciate the ones we love and that even though there's a tough moment, people can get through it even if it hurts.

I gave it 3 and 1/2 stars, but it made me understand some stuff and the films that leaves you thinking, are the ones that stays with you for a really long time and the ones we should recommend to everyone else.

I have to say something else. I went to the cinema with my cousin (which is fabulous 'cause we exchange opinions and is totally funny) and with us there was a teacher with 8 kids. Eight. Kids. The kids not only disturbed the audience (which was my cousin and I, and then two more people) but started playing with something similar to a flashlight. That made me not pay enough attention to the film which was what I intended the whole time, so I couldn't really feel something about the film which is really sad.

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