The Producers ★½

It’s probably better on stage and it definitely leads me to want to watch the 1967 version as well (which I have still yet to see).

I just didn’t gel with this film. Matthew Broderick was very distracting because it seemed like he was trying really hard to be the funny man which resulted in awkward overacting. I get it though. It’s a musical so everybody will project a bit more and their cadence will change because of the style. I just believe he was sorely miscast and just didn’t do well in his roll. Some of the blame for how his scenes turned out could also fairly be put on to the director and editor. 

I thought the songs were fun and I can’t ever grow tired of Nathan Lane. I also really enjoyed Gary Beach’s screen presence! Probably my favorite part of the movie.

I was entertained by the beats of the story but not so much of the content within those beats.