We're All Going to the World's Fair

We're All Going to the World's Fair ★★★★★

you’re 14, and you feel like something is after you; it’s suffocating you, and i mean, yeah, everyone feels like that, but what’s got you is something special and secret. you know what its name is but you won’t say it out loud to anyone else.

so you find a substitute. you stay up late watching marble hornets. you start drawing the operator symbol everywhere, and you develop a little bit of a cough, which you know is nothing, but well, maybe...

you stayed up all night the night before your mom’s birthday, and on the way to dinner, you think you can see slender man in the trees.

your face is bubbling up with acne, and your body scares you, and you think about dying all the time. people make fun of you for your long hair. most days, you refuse to go to school.

it’s ok, baby; i can tell you, you’ll make it to 23, at least.

(drove 2 hours to see this, and it was my first movie in a theater post-covid. very thankful that i managed to make it out!!! but it’s raining very hard now, so wish me a safe trip home)

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