Parasite ★★★★★

Not sure what I can aim to unpack that hasn’t already been done (but hi here’s my review), but just a note to urge you to seek out the black and white version if you can.

With no colour, there’s so much more space and texture to really get sucked in to the infinitely precise facial emotion of *every* skilled performer, the flickering - and differing - lights sparkle across each home in entirely singular ways, smooth kitchen tops and rugged stones seem three-dimensional in geometrical and almost poetic architecture, and the knockout narrative rises and falls in tension, humour, violence and sadness really cement themselves as historic achievements with stripped-back visuals.

When talking about releasing this black and white version in Rotterdam, Bong said that a lot of classic movies he loves, considered, well, classics, are in black and white. He joked that his goal with this is for people to consider his movie to also be a classic — and, I mean, I’ve been asked to do much more improbable things than that. We are so, so lucky to have him.

There! Exists! No! Better! Picture!!!

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