The Dark Knight Rises ★★★

Messy messy boy!!! I think I used to like this one because it was the only one I’d seen in a cinema but, folks, it’s not great is it. 

Chaotic thoughts for a world of chaos:
1) The biggest problem about this film is that there are simply far too many people in it 
2) Yeah there are jokes but the *film* around it still takes itself too seriously 
3) Same issue as Batman Begins in that as soon as you leave Gotham I leave the realm of being even half as interested! 
4) Lmaoooo Marion Cotillard that meme feels so good to see in actual context 
5) Lol Cillian Murphy just also decided he’d join in and to be honest if I was Cillian Murphy I would too 
6) JGL trilogy when????? I’m still waiting!!