Se7en ★★★★½

I'm really sad because this was somehow the first time I had watched this fully and I'd been spoiled in the past obviously but forgotten so I was so excited because The Last Scene and What's In The Box??! and I watched half yesterday then scrolled through some reviews on here making sure not to read any that were spoilers and someone had commented a spoiler on one and I'm really upset about it honestly and yes maybe I shouldn't have read before I finished it but I thought this was a SAFE SPACE WHERE PEOPLE TAG SPOILERS so this is a PSA to tag your spoilers don't ruin other people's film experiences thanks 

Also the most iconic line of this was 'Just because the fucker's got a library card doesn't make him Yoda'

Anyway this was unbelievably great the end was still amazing Fincher is still the greatest filmmaker working presently I owe him my life I would die for him I love him I am eternally grateful for cinematic masterpieces like this thank u goodnight

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