Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

7th time watching observations
- i love how tony goes “underoos!” and peter goes “that’s me” 
- mj 100% knows peter is spider-man 
- may is a style icon
- i love the finality of “the spider’s dead, ned.” We’re not doing another origin story, ned. 
- his voice when he says “hey come on you’re gonna shoot at somebody shoot at me!!!!”
- dad tony stark shouting BECAUSE I SAID SO!!! 
- if anyone wants to help me with my nerdy peter parker t shirt collection i still need the electrons one, physics is theoretical fun is real, i survived my trip to nyc and find x. i also wouldn’t be against owning a midtown sweatshirt 
- “i gotta say the other guy was way better with that thing! i’m honestly.... i’m shocked!”
- i try to seriously watch the tony peter scene after the staten island ferry scene but all i can think of is that video where someone edited in tom going “oh my god it’s robert downey jr!” 
- tom pretending to not know how to dance 
- will never forget how i felt for like 10 mins after the plot twist the first time it SHOOK me up in the cinema 
- i always end up skipping at least a bit of the end plane bit it’s the weakest part of the film and needed cutting down but i still love u spider-man homecoming i forgive you
- him saving toomes at the end is so spidey i l ove him
- this is the 7th time I’ve seen this and i just somehow heard liz’s “we’re moving to oregon” as “we’re removing his organ”  - spider-man peter parker tom holland you are so cute i love you so much my heart hurts marry me
- if you seriously don’t think tom is the best spider-man, let’s talk

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