The Edge of Seventeen ★★★★

Issy recently told me she finds Nadine really annoying and I get that a bit but it made me a little bit like Oh wow does she find me annoying cause there are scenes where I relate to her so bad the scene when she’s drunk throwing up over the toilet the stuff she’s saying and the scene at the party where she goes into the toilet and shouts at herself to stop being weird and awkward are me but then the majority of her characterisation is really not me it’s just the self deprecating stuff so it’s fine and this was all irrelevant I don’t know why I’m sharing this but that toilet scene makes me sad because too real. Anyway I’m 18 in exactly 14 minutes I’m on the edge of seventeen I’ll no longer be the same age as Nadine it’s terrifying and weird I swear I’m still a 12 year old 1D Stan how did we end up here how did I get this far it’s shocking really that I’ve survived this long anyway I’ll see you when I’m legally an adult I guess. It’s been a weird and hard 17th year. I love this film so much bye

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