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  • Hungry Wives

    Hungry Wives


    I’m a sucker for feminist sexual awakening tales and 70s decor. Bravo.

  • Gothic



    I know I’ve seen Gothic before, though it’s really the vaguest of memories. I put it on because it was the night before Halloween and I wanted to watch something spooky but not too scary. Should’ve gone with a re-watch of Lair of the White Worm instead. The premise of Mary Shelley’s mythical night of inspiration is so intriguing, in practice it was more a chaotic mess of drug fueled rants and hallucinations. On the up side there is a lot of naked Julian Sands. I should probably up the rating another half star just for that.

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  • High-Rise



    More ambitious than coherent. It’s a mess, a quite beautiful mess.

  • City of Gold

    City of Gold


    Jonathan Gold is the reason gas station tacos are a thing in LA. The epitome of the generation I grew up in, he wasn’t afraid to explore the unfamiliar and defy what was considered acceptable. A lovely film about a lovely man and a crazy city. And food. Amazing food. Watch it!