Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island

Basically if Michael Bay wasn't an evil pessimist.

I cant really understand why people dislike this movie beyond dumb conjecture and fake psychoanalysis but I think it kinda has to do with this binary understanding of how media works. Something is only smart if it's slow and dull and actively telling you how smart it is and something is only dumb is it's loud and fast and dipping in and out of slow motion except a lot of people living in this binary looooove that Michael mann dude and hail him as a genius in spite of his flashy """"dumb meathead"""" filmmaking. We need to stop forcing things into fake genres that we've made up in our own heads. Why is this movie not more faithful to the original? Why does it not attempt to capture it's spirit? What spirit? "Why is the period piece stuff soooo on the nose?" Why not? If loud is dumb then I understand why my snob film professor hates everything Marty Scorsese has done after Casino but it's so weird seeing that general mindset as like, a typical brain pattern for socially awkward film nerds. Who are we trying to impress?

An easy rebuttal to any of this would TOTALLY be something along the lines of "oh so you're saying we can't criticize anything?" which is the go to for any self respecting dumbass but no you can criticize whatever you want, I'm just asking that you learn to stop holding everything up to the same one or two standards and actually start to appreciate film as an artform instead of a soulless hobby-job that you use to brag to tinder dates who ultimately won't fuck you. Peace out imma go watch this monkey dude fight a lizard.

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